Cardigan from Mewdesign (here), Trousers from Asos (here), Sneakers from Nike (here), Necklace from Boas Copenhagen (here), Watch from Calvin Klein, Rings from Calvin Klein and Jane Kønig Hey girls. Sikke et dejligt solskinsvejr der er på denne onsdag. Jeg er i dag hoppet i min nye cardigan fra Mewdesign, et par wide bukser, sneaks og tilsat min nye halskæde fra Boas Copenhagen. Et enkelt look. Må I have en dejlig onsdag derude! Translate/Hi girls. What a lovely weather this Wednesday. Today I am wearing my new cardigan from MewDesign, wide trousers and sneaks together with my new necklace from Boas Copenhagen. A simple look. Have a lovely day, girls!


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Hvor er den lange gul halskæde fra? :),
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